Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Hometown Heroes Banner Program overview will help answer some of your most frequently asked questions. Getting started can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s our specialty to make it easy for our customers! When you are ready to get started, fill out the form for one of our HTH Specialists to contact you at your convenience!


Commercial Grade Vinyl
We use a heavy weight block out vinyl, which is extremely durable and holds up very well (3+ years).

Banner Sizes
We can print any size you want… but our most common banner sizes are
– 18” x 36”
– 24” x 48”
– 30” x 60”

Minimum Order:
10 banners

Mounting Brackets
We supply high quality Aluminum Brackets to mount the banners on most poles. There are two sizes:
– Deluxe (for Large Wooden Poles)
– Juniors (for decorative black poles)


You can choose from many different backgrounds!
Click here to check our gallery.

Individual Banners
We’ll count on you to scan all the pictures you collect (150dpi @ full size) and to organize the information for each veteran in a spreadsheet (sample provided here) so there can be no mistake on names, ranks, branch of service etc. We will provide you with a proof of EACH banner so EVERY participant can see their banner before it’s printed and confirm it’s to their liking.

Other useful Info
All banners are printed on both sides. You can elect to include whatever information you choose for each Veteran, we will try to accommodate the family and include what we can given the banner size.

Remember that “Less is More” and it’s typically best to stick with Name, Rank, Branch of Service, and Era of Service.

We can also add a few medals if requested – Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Star. We do not provide any others, as it’s too difficult finding suitable artwork.

Once you pick a template and send us the information it takes us up to 2 weeks to send you all the proofs. Once you give us final approval, it’s another 2 weeks until you receive your banners.

If you want delivery for Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day please allow a total of 6 weeks to account for the seasonal rush.


Typically, the family of the veteran featured on the banner will pay for the banner (and hardware). In this case you would pass on the cost of the banner (+ hardware) to the families who would write you a check when they submit the picture and information.

Some of our customers find corporate sponsors to help reduce the cost.


In most areas you will need a local authority (city, town, township, borough….) to give you permission to hang banners. A simple phone call or email to ask about the relevant ordonance should give you a simple “yes”.

It is also common that municipalities ask you to also ask permission from the local Power Company who might own the poles you will use to hang the banners.


It’s surprisingly easy to spread the word about your Hometown Heroes program to recruit participants. We make fliers and facebook ads available to you at no charge. Click here to download our example ads.

Local organizations who can help you include: VFW, US Legion, Water Company (could send the fliers with their quarterly bill), local newspaper, library, Senior Living facilities, Armed Forces recruiting centers, and of course your favorite social media channels.

Ready to honor your Hometown Heroes?

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